Samsung's 2014 Smart TVs Will Be Controlled By Your Pointed Finger

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Kinect may have been at it for years, but it's taking most companies a fair old while to really get to grips with gesture control. Now, Samsung is planning to offer more fine-grained, finger-sensitive functionality in its 2014 smart TVs.

Its new hardware will support single-finger gestures, in contrast to this year's rather less-specific whole-hand sensitivity. A twirl of your finger, for instance, will pause a movie. Elsewhere, its voice control capabilities will be more advanced, too: you'll be able to change channels and launch apps with a single command.

Neither of which are quantum leaps, but they are both signs that gesture and voice controls systems are maturing, finally reaching a point where they're a little less gimmicky and rather more utilitarian. Welcome to (something that's at least starting to look to look like) the future. [Samsung]