School Offering "Man Days" to Teach Fatherless Kids Basic Male Tasks

By Gary Cutlack on at

Suggesting the lack of a male role model in the lives of kids can act as a "barrier" to their educational and life progress, one Essex school is taking matters into its own hands by offering boys lessons in how to be more of a man. We hope they accept mature students.

Much as we may laugh at the idea, the plan is to offer boys lessons on such awkward manly tasks as shaving and asking girls out on dates, although we thought the latter was conducted primarily by sending them photos of your genitals with a Y/N? checkbox attached these days.

Chase High School head teacher Victoria Overy said of the plan: "I want them to leave here with a strong set of academic results in their hand and the social skills to go anywhere." [BBC]

Image credit: Shaving from Shutterstock