Scientists Baffled: More Alcohol Doesn't Equal Less Crime

By Chris Mills on at

In news that will surprise quite literally no-one who's been on a High Street at 4am recently, a new study has 'discovered' the fact that the introduction of 24-hour alcohol licensing in 2005 didn't, *gasp*, lower alcohol-related violence.

The theory went something like: if all the pubs have different last calls, people are less likely to run into other drunk people when they get kicked out, so there'll be less violence. Only, now people are just staying out longer, getting even more sloshed, and probably just picking fights with lampposts or a chicken nugget instead.

The research, from the University of Cambridge, echoes the suggestions of a paper published in 2005 -- at the time of the law going into effect -- which voiced the same concerns, and pointing out that the longer opening hours would mean increased pressure on the emergency services. Guess an 'I told you so' or 20 would be appropriate. [Metro]