Show Us Your Crazy Christmas Decorations

By Leslie Horn on at

Every year, my parents' street goes all-out for Christmas. We're talking, trees wrapped in lights from trunk to top, teams of reindeer on display, and even a house with giant, moving jack-in-the-box effigies of every family member moving in sync with carols. Have you seen similar stuff? We want to see it.
Christmas decorations are one of the best parts of the festive season. Everything, I mean everything, flies, whether it's classic white lights, or an over-the-top camp cramming of plastic Santas on every inch of your lawn. In fact, the latter describes one of my favourite displays I've ever seen (picture above). Ahh, Santas everywhere. Anyway, when it comes to decking the halls, nothing is off-limits. So we want to see what you see in the form of the lights and decorations you've been peeping this Christmas.