Sony's PS4 Smashes Records (and Xbox One) With 250k UK Sales in Two Days

By Gary Cutlack on at

PlayStation4 has broken the previous record for video game console launch sales in the UK, shifting substantially more hardware than the 180,000 unit previous record during its first two days on sale.

The 180k sales record was previously held by Sony's PSP handheld, mind, so this sales data comes with the disclaimer that launch sale numbers are not an accurate barometer of future console performance.

However, it does appear that PS4 has taken a sizeable lead over Xbox One in the UK already. Xbox One is said to have shifted 150,000 units on its first two days here, so Sony's suggested launch window number is rather more impressive -- as you might expect of the cheaper machine.

The 250k PS4 sales figure comes from games trade title MCV's "retail sources" and relates to the first week on sale, so with PS4 launching on a Friday and the sales week ending on Saturday, the weekly sales number covers the first two days on sale. [MCV]