Stormy Weather to Cause Christmas Travel Chaos

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you're not one that enjoys visiting family and friends over the Christmas period, this may be like an early present from Mother Nature herself. Travellers are being warned that stormy weather will severely impact all forms of transport over Christmas, and that staying indoors over the next few days will be wise.

With the Met Office issuing an amber warning for heavy rain and 80mph windy gusts, those heading out on festive trips are being told to expect major train delays, and to watch out for treacherous roads.

25 rail networks have warned that services may be limited, with some South West trains out of London after 5pm today already having been cancelled. The Heathrow Express is likewise running a reduced service, while Virgin is reducing the number of trips it is making between London, Manchester and Birmingham today as of 3pm.

An amber flood alert has also been issued by the Environment Agency, with residents in the southern-most parts of England and south Wales told to prepare for potential flooding. In Cornwall, the Cornwall FRS is warning drivers that "if you plan to drive today please slow down. It's very windy and there's a lot of surface water. Keep a safe distance from the car in front."

Needless to say, if you can manage it, stay snuggled up in the living room today. There's plenty on the telly to keep you busy.

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