Sweaty Southern Rail Travellers Subsidise the Loss-Making Northern Franchises

By Gary Cutlack on at

Stats measuring the amount rail companies pay the government and receive in subsidy appear to show travellers in the South East are bailing out the rest of the network, with passengers into London paying around £1 each per 10 miles in higher ticket prices due to the government's subsidy system.

South West Trains is the biggest loser, contributing £314.7 to the treasury thanks to all the angry businessmen it ferries about the bottom-right bit of the UK each day. The largest winner by some miles is Scottish franchise First ScotRail, which receives a stonking subsidy of £291m for maintaining its network of sparse rural lines.

Meanwhile, the there's been another leaf disaster affecting parts of Berkshire. Travellers who use Acsot station have had their journeys lengthened by half a mile, after South West Trains closed a footpath due to an unexpected case of leaves falling off trees in the autumn months. [Metro]