Swedish Ice Hotel Adds London Tube Train to Chiselled Exhibits

By Gary Cutlack on at

The ICEHOTEL, in a region that calls itself Swedish Lapland, has completed this year's collection of ice-made artistic treasures, which include a suite inspired by the London Underground's 150th anniversary. All the fun of being on the tube without any of the sweat.

The ICEHOTEL features a total of 65 rooms carved from snow and ice, with 13 bespoke Art Suites cut out of the ice by artists from around the world. As well as the tube carriage from ice-artist Marcus Dillistone, this year's custom art houses include an icy depiction of events before the Big Bang, a cinema, pole dancing polar bears (yes, really, here's a photo)...


...science labs and some light installations that draw inspiration from the northern lights. Plenty more images of the icy rooms can be found at Discover the World, plus there's a video of the "Mind The Gap" installation here on YouTube. [ICEHOTEL]

Main image credit: Art Suite: Mind the gap by Marcus Dillistone & Magdalena Åkerström. Photo: Christian Strömqvist

Second image credit: Art Suite: Pole Dancing by Christine & Natalie Close. Photo: Christian Strömqvist