Tesco Hudl 2 Incoming as Demand for Original Outweighs Supplies

By Gerald Lynch on at

Tesco's Hudl tablet was a welcome surprise when it launched back in October, being the first own-brand tablet from a UK retailer to not totally suck balls. Cheap as chips, it's proving popular among shoppers too, and Tesco is looking to swiftly capitalise on its success with the Hudl 2.

Tesco today revealed that the Hudl 2 will be ready for 2014, and would be an "enhanced version" of the original tablet, likely to feature improved camera and storage capabilities. And it won't just be new hardware set for inclusion -- Tesco teased an expansion of its Blinkbox movie and TV service which will soon include eBook sales.

The 7-inch original has 16GB of storage and, with a 1440x900 display powered by a 1.5GHz quad-core processor, is a true bargain at just £119, selling 300,000 units since October and on track to hit 600,000 sales by Christmas. So great has the response to the first Hudl been that Tesco CEO Philip Clarke today admitted the company was "struggling to keep up with demand." No word on pricing for the Hudl 2 yet, nor a firm release date, but Tesco is making all the right moves to set itself up as the UK's answer to Amazon. [The Grocer]