Tesco's Big Tech Sale is Your Support-Big-Chains-For-a-Change Deal of the Day

By Mof Gimmers on at

Tesco may not win any popularity contests, what with them being so omnipresent, but you'd be certifiably mental not to exploit them when they're flogging loads of cheapo items for your enjoyment. Their self-service tills may be the single biggest evil in modern Britain, but they sure know how to prise open our purses.

With that, they've got a massive sale on in their Tesco Extra stores. You can grab a Samsung 39 inch LED TV for £249, an iPad Mini 16GB for £219.99, a 7 inch Galaxy Tab 3 for £99, a 23 inch combined TV DVD for £79, one of those Amazon Kindle e-readers for £49, GTA V for £30, a Phillips Senso coffee maker for £19 (was £79), 32inch Technika for £129 or a 46inch Technika for £199! What a sale!



- Nintendo 3DS XL for £125
- Lego Marvel Super Heroes on PC £12.99
- Samsung 3TB D3 external hard drive £79.98
- Masterplug weatherproof box 4 socket 8m extension lead £9.99 at Argos
- Superman -- The Ultimate Guide to the Man of Steel hardback at Amazon for £3.99
- Vodafone Sony Xperia £110 at Tesco Direct
- 20% off Apple iTunes giftcards at Asda

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