The Godzilla Trailer is the Best Teaser I've Seen For a Movie in Ages

By Gerald Lynch on at

There's a new Godzilla movie coming out next year, and you'd be forgiven for thinking you knew exactly what to expect from it. Giant monster thing? Smashed up cities? Mad anti-giant monster thing military gear? Yes, this teaser trailer has all that. Something I didn't expect it to have though? Mystery.

From the eerie choral soundtrack at its opening to the smoke-filled, apocalyptic skies above a ruined city, 2014's Godzilla looks (if this trailer proves indicative of the final flick) surprisingly tasteful. And for the hardcore fans at the end, there's dat roooaaar. I'm scrubbing any plans I had for May 14th next year, when Godzilla wreaks havoc once more. Here's hoping that director Gareth Edwards doesn't blow it by throwing Godzooky in there somewhere.