The Most-Searched-For Things of 2013: Sports and Festivals

By Brian Barrett on at

There's maybe no more raw glimpse at humanity's exposed underbelly than Google's annual Zeitgeist, a report that shows what we searched for in a given 12 months. This year, Brits' attentions were focussed mostly on two things: sporting events, and live music events.

What's interesting about the top news searches, other than being the perfect blend of all we hold dear here in the UK, is just how much they differ to the top searches in the US, where events such as the Boston marathon bombing, Zimmerman trial and Syrian conflict figured highly in their charts.

Note that you won't find Edward Snowden among the top people of 2013. While he did forever alter our view of the national security landscape, and redefine our relationship with privacy, the internet, and the government, he failed to drop a new album.


For events which took place in the latter bit of 2013, Paul Walker's death, the iPhone 5S launch and Nelson Mandela are all very high. But where's the launch of the cronut, eh?


We're sayin' nuffin.

Are these high because people are looking for torrents for them? If so, shame on you. Where's Gravity?

So there you have it! Our year in Google. Next time let's hope they open it up to incognito searches; I suspect there's a lot of disturbing pornography going unrecognised here.