The Top 10 Pirated TV Shows of 2013

By Eric Limer on at

Another year comes to a close, and another year of gratuitous television show pirating is in the bag. Who wins the award for the most illicit views? According to numbers from TorrentFreak Game of Thrones keeps the crown for the second year in a row by a hefty margin. At 5,900,000 downloads, it beats (fantastic) runner up Breaking Bad by almost 2 mil.

Really it should come as no surprise; single Game of Thrones episodes have snagged torrenting records on their own. Further down list are a few more random hits, including the always perplexing Big Bang Theory at number 4. I mean, that show seems to be on e4 24 hours a day.

Here's the full list from TorrentFreak:

The Top 10 Pirated TV Shows of 2013

So while BitTorrent proper is embarking on all kinds of projects and ad campaigns to promote its less seedy side, the numbers show that downloading TV is one of the protocol's most popular if not endorsed purpose. Go figure. Fortunately, some of the minds behind Game of Thrones see piracy as a compliment. Other folks maybe not so much. But I think we can all agree that, yes, GoT is pretty damn good, however you might be getting it. [TorrentFreak]