The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at
We're in the run up to Christmas now, and for some reason I still haven't heard Christmas music being played anywhere. While that may seem like a good thing, Asda was playing the Black Eyed Peas during my last visit, so I'm torn as to which I dislike more. But since Christmas is less than a month away, prepare yourselves - the next few weeks may see an increase in seasonal apps.


iPhone Apps

WhatsApp: Everyone's favourite mobile instant messenger , WhatsApp, has had an update to its user interface to match up with your shiny vomit inducing iOS 7. If you don't know what WhatsApp is, well, it's an instant messaging app designed to be very similar to text messaging, so rather than using up your texts, it uses up a smidge of data instead.[Free]

Inbox Cube: If you're like most people, you'll have set up the email on your phone so you can get them as and when they arrive. Chances are you might have multiple accounts for different things as well. Inbox Cube is designed to stick all your emails together in one convenient place, so no fiddling around with multiple apps anymore! [Free]

Sunnycomb: A weather forecast app with a twist. Rather than just showing your basic generalised weather and temperature, Sunnycomb is designed to make forecasts more personal. Users are encouraged to interact with the app by sharing pictures, moods, and even their own weather reports for the rest of the world to see. [Free]

Heyday: Designed to be a digital journal, Heyday is a way to record your favourite memories. Use filters, make collages, and best of all the app will periodically remind you of one of your previous entries. All meaning you'll never forget those wonderful experiences. [Free]

Circle: Coined as, "the local network," Circle is the social network designed to let you know what's going on around you. Whether it be quiet spots to relax, local events, or even flash mobs. Adapting to your geographical location, Circle is bound to fill you in on the inner most workings of the area you're in. [Free]


iPad Apps

Final Fantasy IV - The After Years: The sequel to classic game Final Fantasy IV, The After Years has been given the full 3D treatment for iOS devices. We're talking proper 3D here, polygons and such like, not pay-double-optical-illusion-in-the-cinema 3D. While it may seem pricey, this is the full game. No pesky freemium content here. [£10.99]

Double Dragon Trilogy: Another gaming classic, co-op beat 'em up king Double Dragon has also come to iOS. While this is pretty much a straight port of the original trilogy, it's still a great way to take your daily hit of nostalgia whilst on the go. [£1.99]

7 Minute Workout: No stranger to the Gizmodo apps round up, 7 Minute Workout has had a pretty hefty update. You can now record your own workouts and share achievements with your friends. There are even brand new instructors to help you along as well as the option to have your workout narrated in a multitude of different languages. With Christmas coming up and all that delicious food, exercise can often be ignored. Then again, who can't spare 7 minutes a day? [Free]

Drawing Together: Aimed at parent-child bonding, Drawing Together is a cool little drawing app for you to enjoy. Regardless of distance between the two devices involved it's a way of letting people draw together, whether it's to create a nice picture, or to play something like noughts and crosses. [£1.99 -- with in-app purchases]

Mind Node: Mind Node is an app that aims to connect your random thoughts and notes together into a useful brainstorm. "Mapping your mind" as they put it. Very useful if you're scatterbrained like me and can't organise your notes. Mind Node's latest update has re-designed the user interface to be more in line with iOS 7, as well as including new background themes. [£6.99]


Android Apps

Injustice - Gods Among Us: The best selling DC fighting game has finally made it to Android. Play as a whole host of well known characters from the DC Universe, and beat the living hell out of the rest. It's a way to finally answer the question; who would win in a fight -- Batman or Superman? (Spoiler, it's always Batman). [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Advent 2013: I can't be trusted with chocolate advent calendars -- I tend to rip them open and eat all the chocolate in one sitting. That's why I like the app-based advent calendars (Appvent Calendars?). Check in every day for a new app to mess around with. Also available on iOS. [Free]

Domino's Pizza: Everyone's favourite overrated pizza delivery company now has an app! So now you can make and customise your order on the go, or if you're too lazy to get up and use the computer. [Free]

Sky Go Tablet: Sky Go has been around for a while, but like me, you may have found that the app is rather annoyingly not compatible with your Android tablet. But now we have excellent news -- Sky Go Tablet is designed to get around that problem, finally letting Sky customers watch and download their favourite sky programming on their Google-loving tablets. [Free]

Skylanders Lost Islands: A new addition to Activision's child friendly cash cow franchise, Lost Islands is a portable adventure set around building your own island. The game is similar to the likes of Farmville, or The Simpsons Tapped Out -- you build and farm your way to creating the ultimate island. Great time waster for kids. [Free -- with in-app purchases]


Windows Phone Apps

NORAD Santa: NORAD has been tracking "Santa's" movements every year since 1955, when a clever shopping centre employee accidentally gave out their phone number and told kids it was Santa's personal line. The app features a countdown to the time NORAD will begin "tracking" Santa's flight, which you can follow from the app. Great if you have kids, or if you and your friends fancy being creative and want to create a new drinking game. [Free]

Today's Word: Learning big words is great! Whether it's to improve your own vocabulary, to give you an excuse to be patronising (that means looking down on people), or if you're a massive language nerd. Today's Word is very simple -- you get a new word to learn each day. [Free]

Foundbite: A cool little app designed to integrate pictures and sounds to showcase the true atmosphere of a place or event. There's not much to it, but rather than watching a grainy wobbly video, you can view one or more images that will be of a much higher quality, while still being able to hear what's going on. [Free]

Love Clean Streets: There are some nefarious individuals out there who don't give a damn about the planet, or where they put their rubbish. But reporting such things can be a pain, since you're never quite sure who to contact. Love Clean Streets makes that process far easier. Report something through the app with photo evidence, say someone dumping an old fridge into a canal, and they will forward it to the relevant authorities for you. An easy way for you to help out. [Free]

Lockmix: Have apps or widgets that you want quick and easy access to, but struggling against a damn lock screen that's a pain to get past? Well, Lockmix is an easy way to get around this problem. Lockmix lets you customise your lock screen, from the background to pinning apps and widgets for quick access. [Free]