The Week's Best Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone Apps

By Tom Pritchard on at

Christmas is a mere two days away, so you'll all be glad to hear that I'll be shutting up about it. When I'm not opening presents or eating copious amounts of food I plan on spending the day hiding from my extended family and waiting for Doctor Who to start. But for all you Scrooges out there you'll be glad to hear that there isn't much of Christmas in this week's apps round up:


iPhone Apps

FLTR - Smartphone Photography Magazine:  Not that many people actually have the energy to lug around a decent camera every day; with the dawn of the camera phone (making taking quick and easy photos a lot easier) a dedicated camera isn't the essential it once was. Produced by the British Journal of Photography, FLTR is filled with hints and tips on improving the quality of your smartphone pictures, as well as providing inspiration to get out there and take them. [Free -- with subscription]

Replay: Photo sharing apps are all the rage these days, especially with the likes of Instagram and Snapchat around. Reply is slightly different though; rather than just sharing your photos, it will turn your photo gallery into a slideshow complete with themes, music, and even filters. A nice easy way to spice up your snaps. [Free]

Cut The Rope 2: A true sequel to the popular mobile game, Cut the Rope 2 features over 120 different levels where you try and guide sweets into the mouth of the aptly named 'Om Nom.' With new gameplay elements, this should definitely keep you occupied on your daily commute when the new year comes around. [£0.69]

Tomb Raider: An iOS port of the 1998 re-release of the original Tomb Raider game, featuring everything from the original game, plus two bonus chapters. Run, jump, shoot, and swing your way through a variety of ancient tombs and ruins to collect all the pieces of the legendary artefact known as the Scion. Sounds spooky but also awesome, a great combo. [£0.69]

Sago Mini Music Box: A music app aimed at toddlers, the titular Sago Mini Music Box is used to advance through the game as you send your character on an aural adventure. It's all child friendly, with no in-app purchases or ads, and includes classic tunes like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Row Row Row Your Boat. [£1.99]

iPad Apps

The Hobbit - Official Visual Companion App: A companion app for the widely successful book by J.R.R. Tolkien (apparently there's a movie as well?). It includes a fully detailed 3D map and over 75 articles covering the lore of Middle Earth. Think you know it all already? Well you can test your knowledge with the included Middle Earth quiz. [£2.99]

Journeys of Invention: An app from the London Science Museum, Journeys of Invention covers 80 of the most revolutionary scientific inventions from throughout history. From the steam engine, to the Large Hadron Collider, you can learn about mankind's scientific endeavours from these collections of videos, galleries, and even artwork. [Free]

The Walking Dead Season 2: The sequel to Telltale's highly successful The Walking Dead. The Walking Dead Season 2 picks up where the first game left off and brings back the atmosphere and storytelling that made the first game such a hit. It sure as hell is a lot more interesting than the TV programme has become... [£2.99]

Batman - Arkham Origins: A 'Choose Your Own Adventure' style story based on the recent Arkham Origins game. The first issue is free, and you can influence the plot by choosing different story branches. [Free -- with in-app purchases]

Ridge Racer - Slipstream: A well known console brand that's made its way to the mobile world. Ridge Racer slipstream offers 12 different cars, vehicle customisation, and a full career mode. A nice little time killer over the Christmas period. [£1.99]

Android Apps

Solar - Weather: Over 2 million people have already been using Solar Weather on iOS, thanks to its minimalist design, and now it's on Android. It definitely appears to be a no nonsense app, getting directly to the point. It is very visually appealing, and would make a nice change to your phone's display. [Free]

Colossatron: Mechs are great, as are giant monster Kaiju -- Colossatron has a mix of both. You take control of a giant robotic snake as it wreaks havoc against mankind. Of course, you can customise and upgrade your snake to help you complete one single objective --  destroy everything. [£0.58]

Vue Magazine: This app, as you would expect, is all about film. Full of interviews, features, trailers, and a list of future film releases, it's a great little app for any film fan. The app can be used to find your nearest Vue cinema, as well as letting you book tickets. But best of all, it's completely free, without any subscriptions whatsoever. [Free]

The Box+: The Box+ is all about music, specifically music TV channels. You can live stream a number of UK music channels from your device, including The Box (of course), 4Music, Kerrang, and many more. [Free]

Dolphin Zero: In the era of social networking, the level of internet anonymity seems to be shrinking all the time. Recently Snapchat made bounds against that trend by deciding not to keep any records of user activity. Dolphin Zero is taking that concept and applying it to a mobile browser. At the end of each session it deletes everything; browsing history, cookies, cache, the lot. [Free]

Windows Phone Apps

BT Wi-Fi: BT customers out there may not be aware that you get unlimited Wi-Fi from over 5 million hotspots nationwide. With this app, you'll connect automatically whenever a hotspot is in range - saving yourself that precious mobile data allowance. [Free]

Dominos: Everyone’s favourite overrated pizza delivery company now has an app on Windows Phone! So now you can make and customise your order on the go, or if you’re too lazy to get up and use the computer. [Free] A cool little app, designed to give you access to an entire database of patient information leaflets from medical professionals across the country. You can also search and find your nearest doctor's office if you didn't already know where it was. [Free]

Xbox Video: Video streaming service from Microsoft, Xbox Video lets you buy, rent, and watch some of the latest TV and film releases. Best of all you can close the app and pick up a show or movie right from where you left off. With Microsoft releasing a host of Xbox exclusive original programming next year, this one is worth picking up. [Free]

Christmas Cam: A novelty app, where you can add a bundle of Christmas themed items into your photos, with and the option to share them to Instagram. It's a great little thing to add some Christmas cheer to your existing photos. [Free]