This 360-Degree Visualisation Starts Over If Your Phone Rings

By Leslie Horn on at

It's always distracting if your phone so much as vibrates when you're trying to focus on something. Knowing that, artistic collective Tundra created the Void, a 360-degree audiovisual installation that'll straight up stop if your phone rings.

Void is an immersive video project that is supposed to abstractly simulate the Big Bang. You enter an empty room, where you're surrounded by a panoramic projection, equipped with surround sound. You might feel like you're floating in space a little bit. But because the room is filled with sensors, if you fidget too much or your device starts popping off, the room projection cuts to black, and waits until you simmer down, and restarts.

In a way, you might wish life worked this way. Ever wedding or meeting or film getting a second chance after stupid distractions. Sure, constant restarting might be an annoying experience if you're the always-distracted type, but also conditions those of us (i.e. all of us) who are so attached to our gadgets to chill for a second, and experience art without distractions. [Tundra via FastCo]