This Incredible Portrait of Morgan Freeman Was Painted on an iPad

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Remember iPad art? Like those New Yorker covers that look, well, basically just okay? Or the hobby that David Hockney had for like ten seconds? Well British artist Kyle Lambert's been practicing, and he's gotten good. Like, photorealism good.

The latest Lambert creation is this jaw-dropping portrait of Morgan Freeman. You almost feel like you can reach out and touch his kind-looking face. It looks so good, it must be a fake, right?

Well, it's not, and there's video to prove it. Using the app Procreate, Lambert spent over 200 hours and made over 285,000 brushstrokes, a process that he documented in a transfixing time lapse video. Things start getting really nuts after about the one minute mark:

Morgan isn't the only celebrity that Lambert's given the photorealistic treatment to. He also did this portrait of Rihanna:

And Jude Law:

And this famous-looking kitten:

He even did a whole series involving Toy Story characters acting out the plot of The Shining:

Makes those Hockney iPad paintings look a little silly doesn't it?