This Week's Best Tech Stories From Around The Web

By Robert Sorokanich on at

This week in tech reads, some bright minds took on the bigger questions that go beyond which apps to download and which devices to buy. Here's a reading list of smart takes for your weekend.

- Kristen Taylor looks at what we're saying, intentionally or subliminally, when we name tech after food [Medium]

- Nicholas Weaver points out that Bitcoin's nonexistent "undo" button makes the digital currency both dangerous and unlikely to topple the traditional money on which it still relies [Wired]

- Frank Chimero has a wonderful, in-depth pondering about how screens have changed—and, in the process, how they've changed the way we design the things they display [Frank Chimero]

- Author Arnon Grunberg is writing his next novel while connected to electrodes that monitor his brain activity. When it's released, scientists will connect readers to the same device, in an attempt to better understand how we create and experience the written word. [The New York Times]

- Marcus Wohlsen looks at Coin, the new payment system, and wonders whether we really need to change the way we currently pay for things [Wired]

Image: Shutterstock / Jordi C