Three's 4G Launch is Under Way, Slowly

By Chris Mills on at

While other networks have been rolling out 4G just as fast as they can unspool the cable, Three's been playing it cool at the back of the class. But according to their Twitter account and TechRadar's sources, a very limited rollout will be starting tomorrow.

According to tweets since deleted, "4G launch is under way but it's only available to a few thousand customers in certain areas before spreading early next year," while another says "the roll-out has started with a few thousand customers in 3 cities including Birmingham. This will be ramped up early 2014".

However, a source speaking to TechRadar said that Three would "only be flicking the switch in London, and it will initially be very limited" -- so don't go burning your 3G handsets on a giant pyre of deceased tech just yet. [TechRadar]