Tokyoflash Kisai Spider Acetate Watch Makes a Web Out of Time and Your Punctuality

By Gerald Lynch on at

With its transparent display, multi-coloured LEDs and chunky white frame, Tokyoflash's latest wristwatch-come-mind bender, the Kisai Spider Acetate, looks cool, even if it's almost useless as an actual timepiece.

Even with the explanatory diagram below, trying to read this thing makes little sense. The watch face looks like a practical joker tried to visualise the time-telling techniques of multi-dimensional beings that use Deloreans instead of buses. Heaven forbid you'd need to know the time in a hurry! Still, by now you've got to expect Tokyoflash watch faces to be a little esoteric, and at least this one looks as futuristic as the best of the fashion-conscious brand's range. Just make sure you touch up on your trigonometry before trying to read it. [Tokyoflash]