Tour All the Sights of London in Minutes With £25m Scale Model

By Gerald Lynch on at

Could it be made more cheaply from LEGO? Probably, but a team of Hollywood effects specialists is working to build an intricate, 25,000 sq ft, £25,000,000 model of Central London to fill the entirety of the ground floor at One Tower Bridge.

Privately funded (and still seeking more investment), all the sights, from Buckingham Palace to the London Eye will be present in "Little London", with the 1:150 scale model even featuring an eight foot recreation of the Shard. Visitors will be able to walk around the installation upon its completion in 2016, while city planners can use the model to visualise the latest additions to the London skyline. Or, alternatively, they could all just jump on a bus and look out of the window at the real thing. [Standard]

Image Credit: Tilt-shift Tower Bridge, London from