Treat That Spoiled Premiership Footballer in Your Life to a £6,000 Gold Xbox One

By Gary Cutlack on at

If you're wondering what to buy Wayne Rooney or some other tasteless member of the nouveau riche for Christmas this year, get yourself down to posho-emporium Harrods, where you can currently get a gold-plated Xbox One for the very missable price of £6,000.

There's nothing else in shot to explain why this is exists, if it's a one-off built by Microsoft, or can be made to order to suit the whims of several super-rich sportsmen, or it it comes with FIFA 14 or Forza 5, but there it is, ready to be bagged up and slung in the boot of the double-parked Bentley that's sitting outside and blocking the buses and ambulances. [Reddit via Neowin]