Twitter Co-Founder Joins Disney, People Bring Up Steve Jobs For Some Reason

By Tom Pritchard on at

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has taken up a new position with Disney -- highlighting the film giant's ambitions to move into the technology sector. Yet for some reason, people keep talking about Steve Jobs.

It's rather obvious what Disney is up to here, making Dorsey the latest member of its board of directors; Disney's been working its way into new areas of the market for a while now with the development of apps, and games like Disney Infinity. It makes sense that it would want to continue in what so far has proven a successful expansion, and the easiest way to get started is to bring in some new blood.

Dorsey has a pretty impressive track record, Twitter being just one of those, but people really seem to love talking about Steve Jobs. Sure, he worked to make Disney's Pixar the great success it is today, and maybe that's a worthy parallel with Dorsey's new move. But seriously, will people ever get tired of heralding the coming of the "next" Steve Jobs? Shesh. [Tech Radar]