New UK Immigrants to Lose Benefits if They Fail Tougher English Language Test

By Gary Cutlack on at

The government is aiming to appease the growing anti-immigration crowd with a new crackdown on the perceived wave of "benefit tourists," with Jobcentre staff to be tasked with checking the English skills of new claimants and denying benefits to those who fail.

From next week, those born outside of the UK seeking to claim benefits here will be quizzed from a list of 100 questions, designed to check both their English abilities and to prove they came to the UK in order to find work.

The enhanced language test comes into force ahead of the opening of the EU gates to Romanian and Bulgarian workers, a move that those of a right-wing bent have claimed will lead to a new wave of immigrants flooding in to bagsie all our council houses and have their boobs done on the NHS. [Independent]

Image credit: Jobcentre from Shutterstock