UK's Iconic Car Tax Disc to be Binned From 2014

By Gary Cutlack on at

Those famous bits of paper and their magical plastic holders are soon to disappear from cars in the UK, with Chancellor George Osborne announcing that the DVLA will soon begin to rely entirely upon its digital register to see if drivers have paid their dues.

The disc, which has been a requirement on all UK vehicles of a certain age since 1921, will disappear from October of 2014, when police and licensing authorities will rely on their apps and systems to see if cars are road legal.

It's going to make buying and selling cars a little trickier as there won't be an easy way to check visually if cars are taxed, but it does mean drivers will be able to pay for their road tax by monthly direct debit, lessening the load a little when it comes to owning your own comfortable motorised sofa. [BBC]

Image credit: UK tax disc from Shutterstock