US Federal Judge Says NSA Phone Surveillance Is Legal

By Adam Clark Estes on at

Despite a recent ruling that it might be unconstitutional, a US judge ruled on Friday that the NSA's telephone surveillance program is in fact legal and does not violate the 4th Amendment. Legality is "ultimately a question of reasonableness," said U.S. District Judge William Pauley.

Pauley did admit, however, that the NSA bulk telephony metadata program "vacuums up information about virtually every telephone call to, from, or within the United States." No big deal, though, because he says that there's no evidence that the NSA is actually using this data. He added that the program "represents the government's counter-punch" to Al Qaeda's terrorist network. Justice Department spokesman Peter Carr said simply, "We are pleased with the decision." The American Civil Liberties Union, who filed the original suit against the NSA, is most definitely not pleased. [AP]