Virgin Joins FIA Formula E Electric Racing Car Championship Starting Grid

By Gerald Lynch on at

If you're a motorsports fan, the start of the 2014/2015 inaugural FIA Formula E Championship is about as exciting as it gets, with a brand new electric car class burning rubber in 10 host cities around the globe. Adding its electrically-powered wheels to the race for the chequered flag is Virgin, which has just announced it will have a team battling it out in the competition.

Headed up by team principal Alex Tai and with the full support of bearded billionaire Sir Richard Branson, the Virgin Racing Formula E Team will race a single-seat, electrically-powered car built jointly by Spark Racing Technology, Renault, McLaren and Williams, with tyres specially developed by Michelin.

As well as being a thrilling spectacle (top speeds for Formula E cars max out at 140mph), the race series will look to promote the benefits of electric cars over petrol-powered ones, as well as inspiring some healthy competition between competing manufacturers to speed up innovation within the industry.

Kicking off in China in September 2014, the Formula E Championship will hit  Beijing, Putrajaya, Rio de Janeiro, Punta del Este, Buenos Aires, Los Angeles, Miami, Monte Carlo, Berlin and London over the course of its tour, speeding around a custom-built street course in the UK capital on June 27th, 2015. [FIA Formula E via BBC]