Was Comic Relief Right to Invest Money in Arms, Tobacco and Alcohol Companies?

By Gary Cutlack on at

The weird mixture of comedy and *serious face* stuff offered by the Comic Relief TV nights has been replicated by its investment strategies, with the charity found to have invested some of its money in arms manufacturers, booze brewers and tobacco firms. Let the sad music play.

On the surface of it, it does appear rather hypocritical. Comic Relief funds many UK charities that deal with the messes left behind by alcohol and cigarettes, while its overseas operations funnel money toward helping people in war-torn countries rebuild their lives. So buying shares in slightly unethical companies like war machine specialist BAE Systems, binge-drinking enabler Diageo and some unnamed tobacco companies a little... wrong.

We're big supporters of BAE Systems here as they do make some lovely boats, but it's morally questionable as to whether the charity was right to invest in it. [BBC]