Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger's Career-Spanning 509 Kills in One Terminating Video

By Gerald Lynch on at

As the '80's best action hero (keep it down, you Stallone fans), Arnold Schwarzenegger has clocked an insane onscreen kill-count. Hardly surprising from a man who has "if it bleeds, we can kill it" as one of his most oft-quoted lines.

All 509 of those gut-spilling kills have been condensed into an epic 28-minute supercut, which you can watch to your blood-thirsty heart's content above.

But he's no monster! What of the softer times? The deer-admiring, offspring-loving, broody scientist times? Between the claymore Conan swords and the rocket launchers, there's an hour long serene supercut, I'm sure of it. Anyone fancy putting that one together, or have I just given myself a Christmas holiday project? [Kotaku]