Watch This Poor Guy Lose a Grand's Worth of Kit in Icy Waters

By Mario Aguilar on at

Drones: The future humans won't have to do some very dangerous things. That includes not piloting vehicles for crazy aerial photography. And this video proves that we're better off letting the drones do the dirty for us. About four minutes in, the UAV takes a dive into the drink. Brr.

Photographer Chris Jarvis took his DJI Phantom (worth about £400) on a trip to Iceland and decided to experiment using it with a Sony RX100 II (£575) strapped in for the ride. Yes! Experimentation is great! But, um, if you're going to try out a new toy in harsh conditions, maybe don't do it over freezing cold body of water? Because when your gear goes for a dip, you're skít út af heppni. That's Icelandic for "Shit out of luck." [PetaPixel]