Windows for Your Wrist to be Masterminded by Kinect Co-Creator

By Gerald Lynch on at

Not to be left out of the race against Google and (probably) Apple for a prime spot on your wrist, Microsoft is said to be hard at work refining the Windows interface into a form suitable for wearable tech. And it's the brains behind Kinect heading up the cause.

Alex Kipman, "father of Kinect" and Microsoft's general manager of Xbox incubation projects is leading the charge according to sources speaking to The Verge. The plan is reported to be to miniaturise Windows beyond even its RT and Windows Phone cousins in order to fit nicely within the confines of a 1.5-inch smartwatch, and a potential Google Glass rival being referred to as "Kinect Glasses". It's thought to be part of a wider plan to develop a unified Windows operating system that would work across all of Microsoft's products -- Xbox, PC, Surface, smartphones and the rumoured wearables. Individual teams would then hone this "One Ring" of Windows builds to the needs of their individual platforms -- a sensible sounding goal in an age where inter-device connectivity (and simplicity) is paramount. [The Verge]

Image Credit: Gnomio