Would You Use a Male Contraceptive Pill?

By Chris Mills on at

Whilst the options for female contraception are almost confusingly many, blokes are stuck with either old faithful, or, in extremis, snipping some pretty vital plumbing. However, scientists in Australia say they're close to the anti-condom-brigade's holy grail: a Pill for guys. Question is, would you bother?

Most attempts at making a male contraceptive have centred around making the sperm non-functional, ane while they've been successful, they come with "intolerable side-effects" like long-term damage or loss of sexual appetite (bit of a pyrric victory, then). The Aussies' approach is different: they've been concentrating on stopping the sperm from escaping in the first place. They've been successful thus far, although only in mice, and oeven then only through modifying DNA. Needless to say, this won't be in Boots any time soon.

And even then, while male contraceptive pill's got some rather obvious benefits, there's downsides, too: no protection from STDs, the possibility of side-effects on blood pressure, and probably an ever-nagging question at the back of your head as to whether or not it's actually going to work. So, all that said, would you be on board the anti-sperm train, or are you going to keep filling Durex's coffers 'till kingdom come?