Wrong Kind of Excrement on the Line is Sickening Rail Workers

By Gary Cutlack on at

Rail franchise Greater Anglia is endangering the health of track staff according to workers, with more than half of its trains still indulging in the rotten old practise of emptying human waste from the toilets straight out onto the train track.

This results in trackside workers occasionally encountering what they describe as a "a kind of mist in the air" generated when someone on a passing train presses the flush button, plus workers along stretches of track around Cambridge are encountering actual lumps of poo on the track while going about their maintenance jobs.

Network Rail says the practise is "outdated and unpleasant" for workers, and as ever rectifying it is all about money. Cash is needed to fit retention tanks on the fleet, so the trains can stop leaking excrement everywhere as they go along the lines. Enjoy your lunch. [BBC]

Image credit: UK trains from Shutterstock