Your Hacked LinkedIn Password is Now Art

By Jamie Condliffe on at

Last year, LinkedIn suffered the embarrassment of having millions of its users' passwords stolen. So someone went and turned it into art. Of course they did.

Aram Bartholl created Forgot Your Password? after the event: a set of eight books containing 4.7 million passwords leaked during the hack. Bartholl explains:

In summer 2012 the social network got hacked and lost its whole user database. A few months later parts of the decrypted password list surfaced on the Internet. These eight volumes contain 4.7 million LinkedIn clear text user passwords printed in alphabetical order. Visitors are invited to look up their own password.

The piece is touring Europe, currently residing in Bartholl's native Germany. To save embarrassment, usernames aren't linked to passwords. Phew. [Aram Bartholl via The Verge]

Your Hacked LinkedIn Password Is Art