Zavvi Detonates its Reputation With Legal Threat to Customers Mistakenly Sent PS Vitas

By Gary Cutlack on at

Media shop Zavvi suffered a bit of an internal mix-up recently, accidentally dispatching a PS Vita console to people who'd only ordered the Vita game Tearaway. Rather than laugh it off and stomach the loss, it's demanding the return of the Vitas and is behaving rather menacingly toward those who refuse to comply.

Several buyers who received the PS Vita in error are now quoting distance selling regulations as a defence to Zavvi, with online shopping rules appearing to suggest that shoppers who receive unsolicited items in the post are able to treat them as gifts, and are therefore not required to send them back.

Zavvi's not entirely happy with this, though, and has been sending the above letter to any buyers yet to respond to its request to arrange a courier pickup of the stray Vita, telling the accidental Vita owners it will "enforce any and/or all legal remedies available to us" in order to get the machines back. [DarkZero via Polygon]