11 Years of Politics, and Undercover Arnie Still Can't Act

By Gerald Lynch on at

Arnold Schwarzenegger is my hero. I will stand no-one speaking a bad word against Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Total Recall or Predator. I am a superfan -- I even queued up for four hours to meet the guy! But even I have to admit, Arnie just can't act.

Here, the governator goes under cover as Gold's Gym trainer "Howard Kleiner", complete with handlebar moustache and flowing wig disguise, to promote a new after school program for poorer kids in the States. So it's all for a good cause then.

It's one of the most transparent disguises you could imagine on one of Hollywood's biggest ever stars. And you know what? He somehow manages to dupe a handful of the gym-goers! Arnold Schwarzenegger, a man who is probably only second to Obama globally in terms of how recogniseable he is, fools 'em with a dodgy wig and a comedy tache. Either he's a better actor than I'm giving him credit for, or they're lacing steroids and supplements these days with mind-altering drugs. [News.com.au]