£65 Off of a 32GB iPad Air is your "Mo' Money, Mo' Apps" Deal of the Day

By Mof Gimmers on at
People think tablets are pointless and stupid things but, what they're missing is that tablets are great BECAUSE they're pointless. They're pure frivolity, designed for mucking about on and dossing with. Other devices are for working - tablets are for playing and everyone should have one... apart from those people who use them to take photos at gigs - they should be flogged and left in the street as an example to everyone.
With that, we've found a good deal on an iPad Air (32GB) which you can buy for £414.99. That's a saving of £65, which you can spend on e-books, music, fancy apps, saucy webcams and irritating extras in Candy Crush. Entirely up to you.



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-- Quad-core a8 PC base unit -- Yours for £229.98
-- Lexar 16GB jumpdrive v10 USB -- Sold with free delivery for £5.75
-- PlayStation Network credit -- £20.99 for £25 worth of credit
-- Borderlands 2 for £3.75 with code
-- Anker Astro Mini 300mAh external battery -- £10 with code
-- MSI B85 G43 Gaming Intel LGA1150 ATX motherboard -- Now £59
-- Intel Core i5 4670k combo -- £478.97 delivered

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