A 2nd-Gen Nexus 7 Tablet is Your "Joining the Tablet Elite, on the Cheap" Deal of the Day

By Mof Gimmers on at

Do you fancy letting everyone know how sophisticated you are? Want to look like a clever news reader? Want to give everyone the impression you're actually a Swedish architect? Want to convince other humans that you're not someone who only goes online to jerk off and send sarcastic tweets to people?

You need a tablet. Tablets let people know that you are willing to spend money on gadgets that aren't suitable for work and aren't really as useful as mobiles. Tablets tell the world that you have slightly too much money and you need to do things that require a medium-sized screen you can prod at. If you're in the market for one, there's a decent deal on this Google Nexus 7 tablet which you can have delivered to you for £169! Have a look at the deal here, but for god's sake, don't take it to a gig to take photos of the band, you monster.



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