A Stupid Simple Twitter Bug Lets You Create Followers Just by Clicking

By Eric Limer on at

Your number of Twitter followers is sort of a badge of honour. It doesn't mean much but having more is something (stupid) to brag about. Thanks to a bug currently active on Twitter, you can have as many as you want, just by clicking away.

Discovered by Karnesh Mehrah, the bug is easy to exploit. Just log into a second twitter account, go to the twitter.com/targethandle, and then hammer on the follow button. You'll notice the count keeps going up. Above is my before picture, here's the after, about 45 seconds of clicking later:

A Stupid Simple Twitter Bug Lets You Create Followers Just By Clicking

If you really want to get busy, you can automate the process in Java the way Mehra explains, but just hammering the left mouse button works just as well. Once Twitter figures this out it's bound to go away (we've reached out for comment. Sorry, we had to), but Mehra reports his inflated follower count has persisted from some six hours.

So if you wanted to know what it's like to be Twitter famous—or at least look like it—you can go try the exploit too. Although use it at your own risk; Twitter might not be too pleased if they catch you. It's not quite the boost you get from buying followers sure, but it's so stupid easy you can't not give it a try. [Karnesh Mehrah]