A Toaster Oven With a Bread Slot for When Pizza isn't on the Menu

By Gizmodo on at

There are entire cookbooks dedicated to preparing meals using only a toaster oven, but most of us only ever use them for reheating pizza. So it seems like kind of a waste to have one sitting on the kitchen counter all the time. Unless it's the Toastation by Hamilton Beach, which adds traditional toaster functionality to a compact toaster oven, creating an appliance that's the best of both worlds.

A Toaster Oven With a Bread Slot For When Pizza's Not On the Menu

You get two appliances with a footprint barely larger than a four-slice toaster. With the flick of a switch, the Toastation goes from a traditional top-loading toaster capable of browning a couple pieces of bread (or both sides of a bagel), to a compact toaster oven ready to reheat pizza minus all the sogginess.

If you're living in a small flat with a tiny kitchen, this has the potential to change your lifeā€”or at least your toast. [Hamilton Beach via 7Gadgets]