Ukraine's Rioters Erected, Fired and Lost a Working Catapult Overnight

By Gerald Lynch on at

When riots broke out in London, the best the mob could manage was smashing up some shops and trying to nick some tracksuit bottoms out of JD Sports. In Ukraine though, they take their rioting a whole lot more seriously -- they've been going medieval on the arses of the anti-protest forces with a fully-operational catapult.

Or, a trebuchet, to use the correct term for the stone-slinging contraption. With clashes raging around them, several rioters stepped up from standard issue fireworks and molotov cocktails, and produced the kit that will look familiar to fans of the Age of Empires games. Pushing it towards the frontlines of the Kiev street skirmishes, it has reportedly now been destroyed by the authorities. But not before it was able to sling a few rounds of rocks at police. Check it out in action in the video above.

Tensions have been riding high in Ukraine for some months now following president Viktor Yanukovych's refusal to sign a major trade deal with the EU back in November. Though they subsided over the Christmas period, trouble brewed again in the new year. The rioting has now reached a new height ahead of hastily introduced anti-protesting laws which are set to come into force tomorrow, rushed into operation by the Ukraine parliament as this latest bout of fighting escalated. [Reddit, LiveLeak, News.Liga]