Adding a Photoshop Toolbar to Fashion Adverts is an Eye-Opener for the Body Concious

By Gerald Lynch on at

The new year always brings with it new hopes, dreams and goals, and for those not totally comfortable with their body image, crash diets and wardrobe changes are normally top of the agenda. It's an urge fed in part at least by the media, and primarily fashion marketing. But what if the truth behind a billboard model's unreal figure was a little more obvious?

It's a more widely recognised fact now than it used to be, but extensive Photoshopping is often responsible for the impossibly-perfect proportions and blemish-free skin of models in advertising. And one anonymous German artist is trying to make those advertising editing techniques more plainly obvious than ever, by pasting a Photoshop Toolbar over billboard fashion adverts. According to Reddit, it's a crusade that's been going on for at least a year without the artist being identified, but a timely surge in interest in the statement pieces shows that perhaps we're finally ready to challenge those unrealistic new year goals. [Reddit, 2]