An Xbox One Gamertag of "Xbox Sign Out" Makes for a Rib-Tickling Call of Duty Troll

By Gerald Lynch on at

The Xbox One's Kinect; The dumbest smart gadget the world has ever seen. When it works, it's like having a little piece of the future sitting underneath your TV. When it doesn't though, it quickly becomes one of the most frustrating gadgets you'll ever use. And, as gamers are increasingly finding out, it's also facilitating some hilariously annoying trolls.

With all its voice-activated commands, it doesn't take much to trick this gang of Call of Duty: Ghosts players into accidentally signing out of their Xbox Live accounts in the middle of a gunfight. How? Because this prankster teammate has changed his Gamertag to "Xbox Sign Out". Genius.

As a side note, listen to those voices! I think I heard maybe two voices there that could possibly have been over the game's 16+ age guidelines. Not that I didn't do the exact same when I was a kid, but it sounds like there are four year olds popping caps here! [YouTube via Sarah Dyer (Twitter)]