Android Wins 2013 With 68 Per Cent of European Smartphone Market

By Gary Cutlack on at

Analyst Kantar Worldpanel has done the maths for the smartphone sector over the last quarter of 2013, painting a rather rosy picture for Android. It topped the EU market share data with 68.6 per cent of sales during the final 12 weeks of 2013, while Windows Phone held its new third place slot with 10.3 per cent of European sales.

Apple sits between the two, perfectly happy to rake in the cash that comes via its 18.5 per cent share of the market. Dominic Sunnebo from Kantar Worldpanel says of Apple's performance: "Apple has lost share in most countries compared with this time last year, but importantly it has held strong shares in key markets including 43.9 per cent in USA, 29.9 per cent in Great Britain and 19.0 per cent in China." [Kantar]