Apple Celebrates 30 Years of Mac With Retrospective Video...and Moby

By Gerald Lynch on at

30th birthdays are a time for reflection: Looking back at former glories, worrying about the growing paunch by the belt line, drawing in lost hairs onto a balding crown with a Sharpie pen. Not so for Apple though -- it's celebrating 30 years of Mac computers this year, and has got all its trendy mates around to pay homage at its altar of pricey computing.

The above video sees designers, musicians, teachers and more folk waxing lyrical about how Mac machines have enriched their lives (and done irreparable damage to their bank accounts, no doubt), and gives some insight into the design process of the pioneering computing line over the years. And it also features vegan electro mumble tunesmith Moby, which I suppose at least ticks that "balding at 30" box. [YouTube]