Apple Patents Solar Sandwich Charger Layer for MacBooks

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple's been dreaming about the future again, forseeing a world in which the sun still shines through the industrial smog and is strong enough to power and charge a MacBook or iPad battery via a layer of photovoltaic cells.

The actual US patent description is for a possible future laptop with a rear cover built from "electrochromic glass" that "may cover photovoltaic cells and touch sensors," which Apple suggests could be embedded in a layered tech sandwich between touch sensors and the all important Apple logo.

Or, if the sun's too weak to power the device or make much of an impact on battery life, Apple's patent suggests an independently solar powered rear panel could be used to control some features of the device, such as locking the tablet or media playback without having to flip open the entire thing. [Hot Hardware via Techradar]