Apple to Refund £20m to Parents Over In-App Purchases

By Gerald Lynch on at

Apple has settled a suit with the US Federal Trade Commission over disclosures that it was too easy for children to make in-app purchases. And it'll be quite a chunk of change coming out of its coffers.

The Cupertino company is to refund some $32.5 million (£19.87 million) after the FTC sided with parents who complained that it was too easy for their children to make in-app purchases without consent. Billing procedures will also need to be changed by Apple, meaning that in-app purchases will require express consent from the cardholder before being bought -- a move that will likely affect in-app purchasing protocol across the globe. It now appears that Apple will require users to input their passwords ahead of each singular in-app purchase

Tim Cook addressed the news with Apple employees in an internal company letter, which you can read here.

In the UK, the Office of Fair Trading has expressed similar concerns over whether Apple makes enough effort to ensure a bill payer is aware that access to in-app purchases is given once a password has been inputted.