AT&T Pours Water Over Vodafone Takeover Rumours

By Gerald Lynch on at

Rumours of American mobile giant AT&T's interest in Vodafone have circulated since October, with CEO Randall Stephenson speaking of a "huge opportunity" for a network to pick up the pace with high-speed mobile broadband this side of the Atlantic. However, for the time being at least, it seems that Vodafone is no longer AT&T's target.

It seems Vodafone's interest in investing in landline communications has turned off the American company, with AT&T now unable to make a direct offer on Vodafone for at least six months due to the UK Takeover Code. The company can still throw cash Vodafone's way however if a third party makes a bid on Vodafone in the meantime. But, with AT&T's interest apparently waning, reports suggest that EE may now be where it's hoping to put its money instead. [AT&T via Reuters via The Verge]