BBC Springwatch Expert's Night Vision Camera Catches a Suspected Burglar

By Gerald Lynch on at

BBC Springwatch presenter Simon King is a dab hand at tracking down creatures of the night, with the show specialising in catching night-time footage of furry little beasties like hedgehogs and foxes. But King may have found a new calling as a police investigator after his wildlife cameras picked up an uninvited guest on one of his live-streaming webcams.

King had set up a night vision camera in a garden neighbouring an urban fox set. Live-streaming the footage online, King spotted a suspected burglar intruding on the property when editing the footage for a YouTube clip. A burglary had been reported in the area, and police were said to have been delighted when King's crystal-clear footage of the suspect making his escape hit the web.

"Anyone can view our network of webcams live through our website and they will often see animals doing the strangest of things -- but this is taking it one stage further," King told the BBC. "I hope the police are able to make use of the images and that this matter is resolved with as little disruption as possible for all concerned."

Police are now urging anyone who recognises the man pictured above to get in touch. [BBC]