Bowers & Wilkins Team Up With Maserati for Cash-Injected Cans

By Jack Tomlin on at

Bowers & Wilkins have announced the release of a new special edition Maserati collaboration, the P5, which they promise delivers "the perfect marriage of brand partnership that celebrates luxury, elegance and unrivalled performance". This perfect marriage will set you back £329.99.

So, if you are able to lay down over three hundred quid on a pair of headphones and you happen to be a lover of italian car badges, these are for you! Essentially you are paying for some dark blue leather and the small trident logo attached to the side. Still, if you can't afford the car, surely the ladies will still swoon when they see those three prongs bouncing about as you jive to mid-life crisis music.

The P5 offers "unfatiguing natural sound from the use of specially developed, ultra-linear neodymium magnets and highly optimised Mylar diaphragms". But you knew that already. The normal, un-Maseratified P5's cost £249.99. That's one pricey logo then.